Sunday School and Teenagers

Strengthening of Lutheran Identity to the Sunday School Children and Teenagers

During the COVID-19 situation, The LSC Indonesia conducted a program for Sunday School and Teenagers. LSC made video on YouTube and share Bible Story and Luther values teaching. This program also collaborate with Sunday School teachers of KN LWF church members. LSC Trained Sunday school teachers a broadcasting skills so that they can make Interesting Bible story video for their Sunday school children at their own church. LSC Celebrated Easter with children through quiz session and video contest about celebrating Easter with family at home.

Sunday School functions are to bring students to learn about the Bible, so that they recognize themselves as humans who need the restoration of God’s image and likeness through faith, believe in Jesus as Lord and savior, and live in fellowship with Him and live in obedience. Towards spiritual maturity, so that they can be witnesses for people who do not believe in Christ. However, during the pandemic, this activity of teaching the Bible in Sunday Schools experienced a drastic decline. Various obstacles were found in Sunday school activities in terms of leadership, management, finance, and the commitment of all stake holders, from the pastor, Sunday school committee, teachers, parents, and students. Sunday school is an effective way of evangelizing, therefore all stake holders must think about continuing this activity even in difficult situations. Currently, state and private facilities and infrastructure provide many conveniences, and it is hoped that the church will be able to put it to good use in order to continue to organize Sunday Schools intensively.

As Lutherans, based on the findings of the obstacles and solutions to Sunday School learning during the pandemic, projections of future learning need to consider: Home education is not obsolete, family education has existed since Old Testament times in the Bible. Therefore, church leaders and Sunday School leaders must strengthen coordination with parents to have a routine of learning the Word of God and teaching their children; Sunday School management needs to be improved; Teachers increase self-awareness of the importance of their task in carrying out the mandate of proclaiming God’s word to the students; The church allocates funds to support information technology-based learning facilities.

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