Covid-19: Youth’s Proposal for Social Justice

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Covid-19: Youth’s Proposal for Social Justice

Thursday, 28 May 2020
In collaboration with the 1000 Tenda (Tents)

Ms. Rev. Basa Hutabarat (Secretary Executive of NCI LWF)
“Churches must be the place for people searching for justice”

Fernando Sihotang (Human Rights Coordinator of NCI LWF)
“Many reasons why human rights intervention must be always in place in order to protect all people to access social justice”

Tumpak Hutabarat (Director of 1000 tenda, or 1000 Tents)
“We are working on establishing socio-economic security of young people”

Ms. Prita Damanik (UN Volunteer)
“Home must be a safe place for women and children in this pandemic situation”

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